For the protection and preservation of fruit during storage, Janssen PMP has developed a new gas.

ACE was approached with the request to translate the complex laboratory set-up, with which this gas can be produced, into a compact and portable product: 

  • handy and portable system for protecting fruit during storage.
  • works like a miniature factory and produces a set (minimum) amount of preservation gas on site.
  • one treatment can cover an area of 2000m3, which corresponds to approximately 500 tonnes of apples.
  • extra attention paid to the operational reliability of the cartridge and an attractive housing with a sleek robust appearance.

Fysium: gas generator voor preservation of apples


Fine dosing of fluids that react into a preserving gas


"ACE has been a true partner to Janssen PMP in creating innovative and complex new technologies for the development of our business. To achieve this required close cooperation and a full integration in the end-user needs. We view the input from ACE as being a critical element in our success and are now planning further product developments. Throughout this process it has been a real pleasure to work with ACE who bring with true professionalism, innovative concepts and solutions, an attention to detail and a breadth of knowledge and experience."

Martyn Barker
Director R&D - Janssen PMP