ACE is familiar with multidisciplinary development and prototyping of products. Our product development is fed with expertise from all business units. As a result, we are able to integrate new technologies like no other.

As creative engineers, we are not only used to thinking in terms of alternatives. We also use structured design methods and a network of carefully selected partners. After all, innovation is no longer the work of a single individual or a single department.


For some development processes, it is important to verify in time whether a chosen solution direction will have the desired effect. Part of the service provided by ACE is the translation of an idea into thoroughly analysed alternatives as a basis for a good design. For this, ACE uses advanced CAE tools and pragmatic design methods.

But ACE is also the right choice for mock-ups, exploratory and functional prototyping. ACE has all the necessary expertise in house: rapid prototyping facilities, know-how for electronics integration and a renowned network of partners.


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