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Development and Engineering at 1,5 meter

Innovative companies recognize ACE as a valued partner for development and engineering. ACE's strength is mainly expressed in the form and intensity of the collaboration.

Companies small and large like to outsource work to ACE that is carried out by our engineers in our offices. We have set up solid processes for this, in which confidentiality, security of communication and quality assurance play an important role.

In view of the current Corona situation, measures have been taken to ensure that we can safely continue to provide our services at the same level.We asked Nico Wouters, Project Manager ACE Lummen, for an explanation of the nCOV-19 measures that have been taken.

What measures have been taken to safely perform the work in view of the nCOV-19 situation?

Nico: "First of all, we have implemented the hygiene measures as required by the government. There is ample opportunity in all areas to wash hands and disinfect with hand gel. There are sprays for disinfecting the workplaces and the cleaning activities have been tightened. We have ensured that the workplaces can all be used at a distance of 1.5 meters by our engineers."

Does this have consequences for capacity?

Nico: "As a result, the capacity of the number of engineers who can work in the office has decreased, but because engineers can also work from home and communicate with MS Teams with our office, this is not a problem."

What are the reactions of employees and customers?

Nico: "Many employees react enthusiastically about working from home and also see benefits for the future. I think that working from home will also be considered for mobility reasons in the future. Our customers respond positively to the adjustments. Because we have short communication lines in our projects we can timely identify issues in the chain that could influence the turnaround time of projects."