The importance of design with industrial machines

Machine manufacturers are increasingly discovering the importance of good design for their machines. A design in line with their own identity or that of their customer makes an important contribution to their customer loyalty. How does ACE Product Development ensure that there is a good balance between design and functionality?

The key to this balance lies in good cooperation between the disciplines involved from the start of the project. ACE sets up a co-creation with the customer and its engineers from product development and industrial automation. This collaboration at the start of the process ensures clear specifications based on customer requirements. Then, a number of iterations and design reviews take place in the process to arrive at the best solution and design. During the entire project the ACE engineers also take into account manufacturability, cost, ergonomics, assembly and ease of maintenance. All aspects that contribute to the best design for our customer.

The cooperation between the ACE Product Development and Industrial Automation engineers is successful in Turnkey projects where complete and well-functioning machines has to be delivered. But ACE can also be used as an extension of the engineering department at the customer.

In this way, machine manufacturers place the design and development of their machines in reliable hands with ACE.