ACE development engineering - carriereverhaal Davey van Wageningen

Career story Davey van Wageningen Eindhoven

Today, we sit down with our esteemed colleague Davey, who has been dedicating his talents to ACE for 5 years. We dig deeper into his career at ACE and also discover his passions and interests beyond. Read along!

ACE development engineering - carriereverhaal Davey van Wageningen


What projects have you worked on within ACE?

My career at ACE started with a challenging project at a company producing industrial printers in Brabant. Here I worked intensively for 2 months on rotary screen printers for textiles. I then plunged into a project at a company specialising in gas turbines, where I am currently working again. Here at ACE, we are working on a project aimed at reverse engineering gas turbine components on a co-development basis. Although the client's main objective is repair, the irreparable parts are manufactured by them. I have diligently fulfilled this fascinating project for a year and a half. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when our project was temporarily halted, I used the opportunity to develop my skills in 3D printing using the Ultimaker at our Eindhoven office. Fortunately, I was then immediately able to start working for another ACE customer, where for six months I revamped outdated models of articulated and skid-steer loaders and applied current welding methods. After that, two ACE colleagues and I joined forces for a project in shipbuilding, where I worked on the engine room layout and routing of the yacht.

Currently, I am again involved in our gas turbine project, where I take a lead role. My team, which fluctuates in size from 9 to 13 employees, works closely together on complex geometric and CAD engineering challenges. Currently, I work together with one colleague on site at our Eindhoven office, while another colleague operates from our Poznan office.

Which of these projects appeals most to you?

My current project undoubtedly holds my greatest interest. The complexity of the geometric and CAD technical aspects perfectly match my passion and expertise.


You have been in the role of Lead Engineer at ACE for a while now, is this role a good fit for you?

The transition to the role of Lead Engineer was gradual. I started with thorough preparation, followed by practical application and evaluation afterwards. Prior to a new project route, I carefully consider the needs of the team of engineers, which we discuss in team meetings and one-to-one meetings. As a final step, I thoroughly check the 3D models and 2D drawings.

Would you like to further develop your people skills and possibly grow into a more managerial role?

Although I enjoy the combination of management and technical tasks in my current role, I am satisfied with the balance I have currently achieved. I believe my role encompasses both management and technical aspects, working with the team on challenging issues.


What do you like to do in your free time apart from work?

In my spare time, I started diving since this season. During the winter months, we trained inside the pool because of the term temperature, but from April we went outside to train for my official 1* diving licence, which allows me to dive up to 20 metres deep!

Besides diving, I am also passionate about 3D printing and have a 3D printer at home. I use it not only for practical purposes, such as replacing broken parts or helping a friend of mine who is a fashion designer, but also for solving everyday problems, such as extending brackets for our kitchen hood.

Davey, thank you very much for this engaging conversation. It's inspiring to hear more about your contribution within our team and your exciting activities outside the work area. We also now know who to turn to if we want something 3D printed! ūüėČ


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