ace vena lumen glow 2019

Vena Lumen back at GLOW 2019

More than 11 thousand lights that dance to your heartbeat! "Vena Lumen" literally means "heartbeat light". This design premiered on GLOW 2018 and returns to Eindhoven at the GLOW-route. Vena Lumen converts your heartbeat into dancing light, which moves in the sofa. The light shows the beauty of two converging and collaborating lives.

Feeling, influencing and "being part of": Vena Lumen is interactive. When you sit on the couch, the light dances on your heartbeat. We make you aware of the life and heartbeat that goes with it.

Vena Lumen - ACE – Fontys Engineering

The Vena Lumen project consisted of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of six students from Fontys engineering from Eindhoven. ACE development & engineering has successfully supported the team in the development of this bank. The bank has even been shown at a light festival in Londen at the beginning of this year.

GLOW Eindhoven 2019 - Vena Lumen

It is the 14th edition of GLOW in Eindhoven which takes place until November 16th. 33 light artists from home and abroad exhibit with their light art projects. This year's theme is Living Colors. Vena lumen can be seen on the 1st floor of the Heuvel Eindhoven.

Vena Lumen GLOW 2019 Heuvel Eindhoven

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